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When you travel with National Geographic Expeditions, you share in a history of exploration, education and storytelling for over 135 years—and that’s just part of the story. Learn about the National Geographic difference and see why traveling with us offers you so much more.



National Geographic opens doors around the globe, offering you exclusive access and hands-on experiences based on its existing relationships with scientists, storytellers, museums and active research sites. Go behind the scenes to get a close-up look at the work and the people helping illuminate and protect the world’s cultural and natural treasures.



National Geographic Day Tours are led by National Geographic-trained guides who bring personal insights and a deep understanding of the people and places you visit, allowing you to discover the world through the lens of National Geographic. Throughout your journey, you’ll also be joined by local experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the places they love and call home.


Give Back

Through our unique travel experiences, we aim to inspire travelers to care about the planet by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it—and to give back. Based on a commitment to sustainable tourism, all National Geographic Day Tours meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, with a portion of the proceeds from these tours going to the National Geographic Society to fund research and sustainable programs around the world.


Local Immersion

Satisfy your spirit of curiosity as you become truly immersed in the people and places you visit. You’ll gain deeper insight and understanding by not just observing, but by taking part in the daily lives and activities of the local communities and the people who inhabit them. It is through hands-on interaction that National Geographic believes travelers will truly understand a place and its inhabitants, inspiring the desire to protect it. National Geographic has a profound respect for the people who open the doors to their homes, and these tours are planned by working closely with each local community.



When you travel with National Geographic, you are not just an observer—you become part of each destination. These tours deliver incredible stories about the people and places we visit, often based on National Geographic’s unparalleled content and research. The objective is to go deeper into the destination and its people, making travelers reflect on the different current realities all over the globe.